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Maturing at Home

How can Danny and the Crew help prepare your home for a maturing lifestyle? One of the major changes in our society today is an aging population with over 10,000 baby boomers turning 65 every day.  As we and our homes age, modifications and changes often have to be made to accommodate our needs.  This may include a walk-in bath, additional hand railings, non-slip in the bathtub, grab bars in the bath, door handles that are easier to open, and so on. What can Danny and the Crew do for you?

Many aging or handicapped people today want to stay in their homes, but to do so often requires some modifications. Sometimes our homes end up being an obstacle course for getting around, using your home conveniently. A few modifications can help with this dramatically.  Danny and the Crew can widen doorways, build ramps, and make your bathrooms and kitchen easier to use.

If you need some renovations to assist with a handicap situation, we can make your day to day life easier to handle.  Whether it’s wheelchair accessibility or other issues, we can make your home more accessible to you. A few modifications can make your home safer and more maneuverable for those you love.

Here are a few modifications you might consider:

Bathroom Remodeling – This is a room that is of particular interest when it comes to handicap access, because it’s often smaller in size. It is important that toilet and shower facilities be user friendly. Here are a few considerations:

  • Standard bathtubs can be a hazard for the elderly and those with special needs. Installing transfer seats and bathtub grab bars can make your bathtub safer. A walk-in bathtub or shower might be a consideration.
  • Specialized toilet seats can be a real help and toilet grab bars will provide balance and support to the person that requires it.
  • Vanity cabinets can be a real obstacle because of the tight space and may need to be replaced with a pedestal-style sink, allowing better wheel chair access.
  • Faucets may need to be changed over to a single lever control for easy use and access.
  • Flooring may also need replacing with a less slippery alternative.

Wheelchair RampsDanny and the Crew can install a concrete, or aluminum wheelchair ramp, improving access to and from your home.

Kitchen Design – Lowering kitchen countertops can be a big help along with removing or remodeling under-the-counter cabinets, a new sink design, and the installation of a single lever faucet can help achieve an accessible kitchen for your home.

Doors and Hallways – Your doors and hallways will need to be at least 36-inch-wide so widening them is often needed to achieve the desired handicap access. Also,  installing lever type door handles makes the process of opening a door easier.

Not matter what modifications need to be done Danny and the Crew can help you plan and make the changes needed to make your home a comfortable place to live.  People today want to stay in their homes and some modifications can make that a reality.

Grab Bar Installation

Danny and the Crew has a number of grab bar options to help make your home and bathroom a safer environment to live.  Grab bars strategically placed, can significantly provide support and improve stability and function when standing, sitting, or to lend a hand when getting in or out of the bath tub or shower.  We use the highest quality products designed to enhance your existing bathroom decor.

Because the bathroom is the number one place for people to slip or fall, grab bars can help significantly with mobility and stability, and substantially help to prevent many bathroom related accidents.

Danny and the Crew allows you to choose your own grab bars from a supplier of your choice, then we will install them for you.  We can also provide our own stylish multi-functional grab bars for installation, whichever is easier for you.  Adding grab bars to your home, placed in strategic areas, is a good way to keep your home environment safe for everyone, young and old.

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