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Danny and the Crew Cleaning Services



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Cleaning Services

Danny and the Crew Cleaning Services never disappoints.  In contrast, have you ever been disappointed with the company that cleans your home or office? Furthermore, do you need an affordable and professional cleaning service that you can trust?  Certainly integrity, honesty, and hard work, are key words you would use to describe the cleaning service of your choice.  Danny and the Crew is a professional cleaning service in Salt Lake City for home owners and businesses.   Most importantly our staff is Insured to $2,000,000 in professional liability insurance, and bonded to $50,000. With a hand-picked, honest, and reliable staff we perform whatever cleaning you need or desire. Even more, we handle any job from the smallest home, to the largest office space.

First, we are committed to excellence and vow to exceed your expectations every time. Skillfully we take pride in our ability to clean your home or office with comprehensive care. We don’t waste your time with delays or inconveniences.  Specifically we are always on time and get the job done as quickly as possible, without sacrificing the quality of our work. Our Danny and the Crew experts are always professional, courteous and will work hard to leave your property “spic and span”.

With pride, we keep our service affordable and guarantee our work to your satisfaction. We are not satisfied with our work until you are totally happy with the results. As a result our customers come back to us again and again,  because they know they can count on quality work, affordable prices, and promises that are kept.

Cost of Services

Our services are based upon each unique situation. As a result, factors taken into consideration include the home or office square footage.  Likewise the type of flooring, the level of services needed, and the weekly or monthly frequency.  In comparison, cleaning a home after construction and preparing it for sale will be different from cleaning a hospital lobby.  As a consequence every cleaning quote is done specifically according to the details of your business and will be based on your special needs. Finally we can determine your specifics and the cleaning schedule that best fits your needs.

What to Expect:

-Firstly, our Cleaning Division Manager will discuss your current cleaning needs and what your requirements include.
-Next, all the areas to be cleaned will be measured for square-footage.  It is helpful if you know your square footage ahead of time. Furthermore we will make special notations for each room.
-Finally we will provide you with a price quote and determine the date and time when you would like us to begin.

Residential Cleaning

  • Use of Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products (Products may be Provided by Client)
  • Dust Furniture, Lamps, Picture Frames, Shelving, Knickknacks, Lamps, and Ceiling Fans
  • Dust/Wash Woodwork and Baseboards
  • Empty Wastebaskets
  • Vacuum Floors
  • Remove Cobweb
  • Deodorize
  • Clean Cabinets, Major Appliances, Exteriors, and Dining Furniture
  • Clean and Sanitize Sinks, Countertops, Backsplashes,
  • Clean Small Appliances and Microwave Oven Inside and Out
  • Clean and Sanitize Sinks, Vanities, Backsplashes, Toilets, Showers, and Bathtubs
  • Clean Mirrors
  • Polish Fixtures
  • Vacuum Upholstery
  • Make Beds




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Office Cleaning

Daily Office/Lobby/Reception Cleaning
  • Vacuum Daily Debris from All Floor Areas
  • Empty Waste Bins– Wash and Add New Liners as Needed
  • Wipe Down all Glass Areas
  • Damp-Wipe and Disinfect Hard Surfaces
  • Clean Walls and Painted Surfaces as Needed
  • Wipe Down Door Handles, Light Switches and Baseboards
Daily Restroom and Break Room Cleaning
  • Empty Waste Bins– Wash and Add New Liners as Needed
  • Wipe Down and Sanitize All Hard Surfaces
  • Sanitize and Clean All Basins, Toilets, Doors and Fixtures in Restroom
  • Refill Soap Dispensers
  • Wipe Down All Reflective Surfaces Including Mirrors, Brass and Glass
  • Disinfectant All Surfaces Including Toilets, Doors, Sinks and Appliances
Weekly Cleaning Tasks
  • Clean Glass Windows Inside and Out (as practical)
  • Empty Refrigerator of All Employee Brought Food Along with Cleaning and Disinfecting
  • Empty and Disinfect All Trash Receptacles, Add New Liners
Monthly Cleaning Tasks
  • Vacuum All Fabric Furniture (clean as needed)
  • Dust All High Surfaces (top to bottom)
  • Vacuum and Deep Clean Surface Areas


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